The following is a list of current Ontario Chapters.  For more information about a given chapter, or to talk to someone about forming a chapter in your area, please contact the Ontario Regional Director Dale Scott at

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Chapter City
AMA Amherstburg
Big Creek Port Rowan
Barrie Boss Gobblers Barrie
Blue Sky Longbeards Powassan
Boss Gobblers Paris
Dorchester London
Durham Region Bowmanville
Elgin Wild Turkey Aylmer
Halton Hills Longspurs Acton
High Country Struttin Toms Caledon
Huronia Wild Tukery Perkinsfield
Lambton Upland Game Birds Wallaceburg
Lindsay Longbeards Lindsay
Manitoulin Longbeards Spring Bay
Muskoka Wild Turkey & Upland Port Carling
Nith River Wild Turkey Conservation Baden
North Dundas & Grenville Long Beards South Mountain
Ottawa Valley Limb Hangers Smith Falls
Renfrew County Strutters Cobden
Skunks Missery Newbury
Southwestern Long Beards Blenhiem
South West Gobblers Wheatley
St. Lawrence Struttin Toms Athens
Upper Grand L.B. Arthur

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